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CWP Coordinators (Hatch) in New Caledonia - Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc.

Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc. (IPAMS) - Work abroad for CWP Coordinators(Hatch) in New Caledonia.

POEA License Number: 400-LB-020404-AOE

Principal Name: Hatch

Prospective Principal / Project:


* A professional engineer or an individual with technical experience and a construction background.
* Leadership and communication skills are a pre-requisite as are initiative and positive attitude.
* May directly influence multiple employees and teams.
* Critical competencies for the job are:
o Technical background and knowledge skills
o Construction background (5 years) and knowledge skills
o Contract management skills
o Purpose leadership
o Communication skills
o Superior results focused
o Listening, understanding and responding
o Negotiation and influence skills
o Innovative, creative and flexible
o Cultural sensitivity
o Working knowledge of French language is desirable

Task Description:
* Implement system to release, maintain and close-out CWP’s and related information.
* Ensure CWP system reflects the most recent schedule, and quantity information.
* Plan the dependencies of CWP’s to ensure logical and practical release of work.
* Coordinate with Engineering team to ensure battery limits of IFC drawings and MTO’s coincide with CWP structure.
* Produce CWP’s with input from Construction and Engineering personnel, providing all information required to execute construction.
* Plan and carry out regular readiness checks to identify incomplete items, and follow up actions to ensure delays to release of CWP’s are minimized.
* Facilitate and document release of CWP’s to Superintendents and Contractors.
* Coordinate with the various discipline Superintendents to ensure work area interfaces are planned to avoid disruption to works (through the controlled release of CWP’s).
* Provide regular detailed reporting of CWP document progress, and CWP construction progress.
* Coordinate and document closeout of CWP’s, ensuring works has been punch listed and all items closed out prior to accepting completed works from Contractor.
* Ensure CWP battery limits are compatible with pre-commissioning requirements.
* Work closely with pre-commissioning team to understand limits of construction scope in terms of testing and completion, and ensure these scope boundaries are clearly identified in CWP’s.
* Undertake work as directed by the Construction Area Manager and Deputy Construction Manager to assist in the planning and execution of construction works.
* Position requires excellent analytical and evaluative thinking capabilities, as since highly complex Data Models are used via SAP and Meridium interface. Must manage Organizational, development, classification and cataloguing problems associated with maintaining a sophisticated database system
* Need to be able to set priority. Take decisions relating to Configurable parameters in SAP
Communications and Working Relationships:
* Informed dialogue and direct line communication with the Departments within the Operations Group and with other groups within the Company as required.
* Regular meeting with colleagues in both Onshore and Offshore. Daily contact when required
* Regular meetings with member of the CMMS team .
* Occasional meetings with subject mater experts form Operation, Maintenance and Engineering.
* Occasional meetings with members of similar organizations.

For immediate consideration, apply in person at IPAMS. Submit resume, employment/school certificates, and (2 pcs) 2x2 photos. Alternatively, you may also apply online at www.ipams.com or email your resume at resumes.cb@ipams.com indicating the JOB POSITION as the subject heading of your email. IPAMS will only review resumes of applicants which are comprehensive and detailed, and contact those who are selected for screening and/or final interview.

Location Address: GA and 2/F 1455 L GUINTO ST MLA and 723 AURORA BLVD QC
Telephone Numbers: 5248661-63/ 5248679/ 5258227/ 5246277
Email Address: ahernandez@ipams.com/info@ipams.com
Website: ipams.com
Official Representative: MR ANGELITO C HERNANDEZ
Status: Good Standing
License Validity: 4/12/2002 to 4/11/2012

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